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Success stories


Over last few years, Inforesha Technologies got opportunities to work on multitudes of projects for clients in various industry segments. Working through the projects has helped the organization and resources grow our knowledgebase in different business domains and technologies. We take great pride in aligning ourselves with our client’s goals and provide them with technology solutions to achieve those.

Here is synopsis of a few projects that we have delivered.

Network Inventory Management System

A reputed telecom and network services company in Arizona hired Inforesha Technologies for developing a web-based (cloud-based?) application for network inventory management, customer support, and sales.

This cloud based application offers various functionalities to its subscribers (Telecom service provider and its agent companies) to manage their customers’ network inventory information, order processing, issue tracking and remedy online. The customer portal offers the end-customer with an executive dashboard interface with meaningful information about their telecom costs, network inventory. The system also provides an end-to-end automation of sales process starting from request for quote to order processing and contract renewals. The issue reporting and tracking module, beyond its obvious purpose, tracks communication between customers and providers, which serve as a performance measure.

Custom Applications for a commercial real estate company

We developed a suite of custom applications for a real estate company based in St Louis, MO. Our client provides real estate services to investors and brokers, focused on commercial real estate, Triple Net Lease properties, and 1031 exchange.

A data aggregator program used pattern matching algorithms and rule engine to collect meaningful buyer and seller leads as well as real estate data. The majority of the automation was done by customizing Microsoft Dynamic CRM (a customer relationship management software) to support our client’s custom business process. The highlight of the entire project was the event based automation of the full lifecycle of the sales workflow starting from Lead Generation, Engagement, to Sale. This highly automated system allowed our client’s distributed teams to work in cohesion and achieve high efficiency by focusing on the core sales activities. We also developed a web-portal to attract buyers and sellers which triggered the Lead generation process in the CRM application.

B2B and B2C portal for Local Businesses

We developed our own web based software product - a portal (web based and mobile application) designed for local businesses to connect with the local community - local customers, other local businesses. The goal of the portal was to allow locals customers to link up with their favorite businesses and receive updates about deals/promotions, job opportunities and events. The businesses in turn can also share business opportunities with other local businesses.

Local businesses don’t have to rely on daily deal sites for deal creation and promotion. Deals and promotions created will be based on the local business needs and can be inventory based.  Hiring requirements of the small local business are addressed without spending hundreds of dollars. Also businesses can share opportunities with other businesses without going to hundreds of networking events.

Project Management and CRM application for Sales teams

We developed a web-based solution for our client who needed to manage its sales teams across various projects. The application functionality was further extended for use by the business customers of our client.

The web application was developed by enhancing an open source program called ‘phprojekt’. The enhancements were primarily focused on the business processes and activities related to the sales team resource planning and management. The application offered a dashboards interface to its user, customized to her business role. The project lead and managers would be able to schedule, assign tasks to their team-members, and track their progress. The sales person would utilize the customer relationship management module to manage leads and opportunities. The system was customized to track sales and associated commission distribution based on the sales team hierarchy.

A web-based solution for Vacation rental

Inforesha Technologies developed a web-based solution for a vacation rental home company in Arizona.

This customer facing web-site allows our client to manage their vacation rental process online. The website showcases the rental homes with description and images uploaded by the customer. The visitors of the site can inquire about specific rental homes, view the availability, rates, and reserve them online. The rental company can manage the inventory, rates, and promotions. Continuing Search engine optimization ensured to that the site showed up on the first pages for relevant searches on major search engines.

Hosted Dialer Solution

In 2009, Inforesha Technologies developed its own hosted dialer solution in response to suggestion by a couple of its long term customers. The hosted application offered a low cost and highly automated dialer solution to our customers that needed both inbound (helpdesk) and outbound calling (survey, sales).

Inforesha’s dialer solution was built using Asterisk - a very popular open source framework for communication applications. The application offers an integrated CRM module and also has the ability to integrate with customer’s existing CRM system. This Linux based system is hosted online allowing the agents to sign-in over the internet from anywhere using a soft-phone (a lightweight client application running on agent’s computer). The application offered many features that were typically useful for call-center type of setup: Auto dial using lead list, IVR (interactive voice recording), inbound call assignment to users, Do-Not-Call list, Pre-recorded messages, on-demand call recording etc.