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Cloud Service

Cloud technology provides businesses an opportunity to use software as a service. Cloud providers manage the infrastructure and platforms that run the applications. Business now have the potential of getting the benefits of the software applications without high operational costs by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance and support to the cloud provider.

Our cloud expertise helps our clients with following services:

  • Transform existing non cloud based infrastructure into a self-service, cloud app platform
  • Open source cloud based development using PHP and Ruby on Rails
  • Developing applications and deliver PaaS that lets businesses build and run custom cloud applications
  • Use big data processing tools to connect custom cloud applications with existing structured and unstructured data
  • Develop applications across platforms (mobile, web and server based) and connect the applications through data
  • Custom cloud based application and website

Mobile development

With the advent and the increasing use of smart phones a mobile presence is a must for every business whether it is a B2B or a B2C business. Mobile apps or website are not a miniature version of a website, but it’s one of the growing platforms and hence mobile applications and websites have their own identity. If developed correctly with a well defined strategy the mobile presence should actually help business to get a better exposure and generate new business opportunities. Our approach towards mobile application and website development is:

  • Understand the purpose of a mobile website or application
  • Think and plan the mobile strategy
  • Design the application
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Unique look and feel
Our applications are developed and can be modified easily for Android and IOS. The mobile websites are made with HTML 5.

Custom software development

Inforesha Technologies started as a customer software development company and over the years we had an advantage of talking to lot of customers and discussing their IT requirements.

Most of the times customers state their problems and have no idea about the software technologies or the processes, they are interested in knowing the solution for the problem. As a part of the team its our role to discuss all the options with the customer and provide them a most suitable to the customer requirements.

We build custom applications to not only support your changing business needs, but also to generate and exploit newer business opportunities.

Sometimes customers don’t have any idea about how a little upgrade in their current IT system would help their business processes and sometimes even enable more business opportunities. In cases such as this we help analyze our client Business – IT alignment. The goal of this analysis is to understand their business process and their current IT infrastructure and provide solutions that will help them get more from their current infrastructure or how to use IT to enable new business opportunities.

Although custom software development sounds simple it involves a more detailed and experienced approach. All our custom application process start from conception to the actual implementation and the complete process involve – Understanding the customer requirements and business processes; Design the optimal technology solutions and implement and test the actual implementation. Depending upon the type of project we usually follow agile development process or prototype based development process.

Enterprise Applications Integration

With the growing use of mobile applications and cloud environments there is a necessity to move existing enterprise applications unto newer platforms and take advantage of the benefits these new platforms provide to your business. In some cases it would be invaluable to integrate enterprise applications with social media. Enterprise application integration enables integrating various existing software solutions with each other and also with newer solutions and platforms.

To achieve high ROI from the integration effort we work with the customer to develop a macro and micro strategy. The macro strategy to understand the business process and analyze the current solutions which would provide:

  • Optimal technology solution for the business requirements
  • High ROI
  • Generate newer opportunities to the business
  • Innovative solution which would give businesses an edge to its competitors
  • Advantages of Enterprise Application Integration
  • Real time information access among integrated systems across various applications and platforms
  • Streamline business processes and increase organization efficiency
  • Maintain information integrity across multiple systems
  • Maximize opportunities for real time business intelligence and better decision making

Web Development: and Web Enabling

For any business in today’s technology environment web applications and web-enabling of existing applications is a MUST. Web applications and enabling makes possible additional modes of business communication and transactions with employees, customers and vendors. At Inforesha we work closely with our clients to determine the applications that need web enabling or new web applications that need to be developed. The integration of these applications with other applications is important and we make sure that it is implemented in a way which will give our clients hugher ROI and make their business process more efficient.