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Our Team


We understand that technology is a very vital part of any business. A good technology solution can not only help improve the business and save cost and time but if really well done a technology solution can actually generate business opportunities for businesses. We also understand that as small and mid size businesses are always looking for higher ROI for their resources and investment. As a technology partner for small and mid size business we make sure that our team has the required expertise to provide a solutions which can benefit the business and provide ROI for their technology investment.

Our team includes:

In addition to a typical technology team of programmers, testers and database administrators we also include:

Business Analysts

Business analysts help to understand the business processes and requirements of our clients. Business analysts have a strong technology background and are also experts in analyzing business processes and needs. Our business analysts provide clients with various technology solutions options that will not only align well with their business needs and but also help generate more growth opportunities. Our business analysts provide a thorough ‘Business IT alignment’ analysis, also analyze the marketplace and discuss all the options available with the client.

Senior Programmer

Our lead architects and team leads are responsible for designing and architecting the application. Based on the customer’s existing infrastructure or the new requirements they analyze the technology solution that can be implemented.